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Founded Year 2019
Headquarter United States
Trade method Spot, Leverage, Fiat
Fees 0.03% - 0.10%
Max.leverage 100x
Platform Coin FTT
KYC certification Support
API Support
APP Support
Customer Service Support
Invitation Code bonusfornew (5% payback)
Official Website https://ftx.com

FTX Introduction

FTX Exchange is held by FTX Trading LTD of Antigua and Barbuda, FTX is a cryptocurrency derivative created by traders and serving traders Tools trading platform. FTX Exchange is committed to building a powerful platform that is intuitive to use for professional trading firms as well as first-time users.
FTX is a project incubated by Alameda Research, the leading liquidity provider in the cryptocurrency circle. Thanks to Alameda Research, FTX's liquidity has been on par with industry leaders from the start.

FTX Exchange Products

Quarterly contracts and perpetual contracts are the most important products in FTX. We have designed a set of innovative contract engines by ourselves, bringing new highlights to the industry.
Our forced liquidation mechanism and liquidity alliance mechanism bring a "three-level liquidation model" to the platform to handle margin calls and prevent the possibility of triggering allocations. Our centralized margin wallet simplifies FTX trading and improves transaction efficiency. In addition, FTX has also launched USDT, BNB, and LEO contracts that are still lacking in the market.
We also launched the index contract, which is convenient for users to trade all branches in the cryptocurrency ecosystem at the same time, including mainstream altcoin index, platform currency index and Shenlong index.

Leveraged Tokens
FTX's Leveraged Tokens provide a simple and automatic way to trade with leverage. Our CBBCs automatically adjust their exposure and automatically save the target to avoid liquidation.
Leveraged tokens allow you to not need to monitor your margin and risk all the time. Do something special. They are ERC20 tokens that you can trade and withdraw anytime, anywhere in your favorite scene.

Volatility (MOVE) Contracts
FTX offers options trading via the industry's first Volatility (MOVE) contracts. The MOVE contract is a contract that is delivered according to the original amount of BTC changes in a normal time, allowing users to trade according to the amount of Bitcoin changes without knowing the direction of the change.

FTX has an endless OTC platform from Alameda Research. Customers can immediately receive quotes for more than 20 coins and transfer them. No delivery fee.

Platform currency FTT
FTT is the application token of the FTX ecosystem. Traders who hold FTT will have many discounts:
Weekly repurchase burn
FTX trading discounts
OTC anti-commission
Margin for contract trading
Social profit of guaranteed funds

FTX Exchange Core Team

Sam Bankman-Fried: Co-founder and CEO
Before founding Alameda, Sam was a Jane Street Capital International ETF counter trader. He has traded many types of ETFs, futures , currencies and stocks, and designed automated OTC trading systems for Jane Street. He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, majoring in physics.

Gary Wang: Co-founder and CTO
Gary was a software developer at Google before founding Alameda and FTX. He developed price aggregation and service systems for Google Flights, which reduced latency and memory capacity by more than 50%. He is a graduate of MIT, majoring in mathematics and computer science.

Nishad Singh: Head of Engineering
Before joining FTX, Nishad was a software engineer on Facebook's Applied Machine Learning team . He graduated summa cum laude from Berkeley with a double major in electrical engineering and computer science.

Dan Friedberg: Legal Counsel
Before joining FTX, Dan was a partner at Fenwick & West LLP. There, he led the cryptocurrency business and was also chairman of the payment systems team, advising entrepreneurs and startup clients from public companies in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, consumer goods and services, biotechnology, gaming and software, specializing in resolving regulatory disputes. Dan received his Juris Doctor and MBA, cum laude, from the University of Wisconsin.

Jen Chan: CFO
Jen has over a decade of executive experience at global financial institutions including Deutsche Bank, BlackStone, KPMG and Alter Domus. She was head of the Hong Kong office at Alter Domus before joining FTX in October 2018. Graduated from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology with a bachelor's degree in accounting, and is a CPA certified public accountant.

Constance Wang: COO
Constance worked at UBS in private banking AML/KYC and investment banking compliance and risk control. She then joined Huobi Global as a business development manager, focusing on expanding the institutional business of Huobi Global Exchange in the Asia-Pacific region, and developing and managing strategic partnerships in the region. She graduated from the National University of Singapore, majoring in Finance.

Darren Wong: CMO
Darren was an early software engineer at Simility. Simility is an anti-money laundering scam detection startup acquired by PayPal. He audits smart contracts for projects like Wabi. He is also an early investor in many ICOs. Graduated from Johns Hopkins with a major in Applied Mathematics and Economics.

Michael Burgess: Head of Partnerships
Michael was a project management consultant for a diversified energy company before joining FTX. There he designed and built many risk management and financial models, which are now used for all land resources owned by the company. Michael graduated with a Master of Applied Finance from Sydney Business School.